bean to bar coop

Design and establishment of a ‘south-north cooperative’ in the chocolate sector to boost the opportunities of small, agro-ecological farmers in Latin America.

‘Bean to bar’ chocolate is a type of high quality and sustainable chocolate, where both the farmer and the consumer benefit. The Bean to Bar Coop is working on a new model of organising chocolate trade in which even more social and ecological impact is realised.

‘Bean to bar’ means that the cocoa component of a chocolate bar originates from a single cocoa farm. The bean to bar sector (which includes producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers) currently has a small share in the overall chocolate sector. The major bottleneck is the lack of an economic culture that engenders demand for such high grade chocolate.

Waag, the Cacao Museum and Cross-Cultural Bridges work together to develop the concept of a ‘south-north cooperative’ in the cacao chain under the title Bean to Bar Coop. This bicontinental commons enables for high cooperation among all players along the chain, from bean to bar. The Bean to Bar Coop institutes a novel social innovation ecosystem around the cacao chain including smallholder families that practice agroecological farming techniques, together with all stakeholders downstream that have a passion for ‘bean to bar’: social entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes, and the final consumer.