Common play with us #3

Do you want to let your creativity run free and contribute to a better world at the same time?

Do you want to let your creativity run free and contribute to a better world at the same time? Come to the game night where next to playing games, we will also pay attention to creating new ones: Games for Good.

In this new series, we try to learn everything about games. But that is not all: we also want to jointly develop new ones. In the previous two editions, both the enthusiasm of the participants and the potential of serious games became clear. Serious games are an extremely good means to make social themes tangible, and that brought up the idea of ​​creating serious games together with kindred spirits. In the end, we want to make the games available under the Creative Commons license: online and for free.

The commons philosophy is central to the games that we are currently working on. We will work together on games that revolve around sustainability, community and public values.

So, do you like games? Do you want to contribute to Games for Good? Or are you developing a game and in need of a test ground? The doors are open to everyone – join us and common play with us!

English is spoken during this event (but not exclusively).


20:00 – Welcome by Socrates Schouten (Chamber of Commons)
20:10 – Introduction to game principles by design methodology researcher Gabriele Ferri
20:20 – Game Time! Game and game (re) design session with special guest Roos Groothuizen,  independent media artist and designer who dances on the borders of interaction, theater, intervention, web, film, games and animation.
21:20 – Reflections on the game experiences with Gabriele Ferri
21:40 – Talk & drinks

Gabriele Ferri is a design methodology researcher. Combining his interests in playful and ubiquitous interactions, design futuring, and location-based experiences, he focuses on the use of urban games as design tools to empower minorities. He recently co-edited the volume “Interactive Digital Narratives: History, Theory and Practice” for Routledge.

Roos Groothuizen is an artist and designer who cares about digital rights. Fascinated with the unfair distribution of information and how online algorithms systematically discriminate us, her work reflects on in-depth research and recent developments, often with interactive or game-like elements. Fun with a serious undertone. Roos will present an (urban) game she is currently working on in collaboration with the Rathenau institute and would like test it during Common play #3.

Links of games that we have played, or would like to play: 

If you want to present your own game, let Tanja ( know.

About Commons

Commons are shared resources, managed by a community from the perspective of sustainability, inclusiveness and public added value. They offer room for bottom-up initiative and citizens’ own directing. In the Commons Lab, Waag generates insight into contemporary commons and brings new forms of commons into practice. Co-operation is central: organizing a shared and balanced interest between different parties.

The importance of Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons tools help to share your work. These free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardised way to give your permission to share and use your creative work — on conditions of your choice. Waag uses them for all creative work of course, but hey, we were one of the parties that introduced them in The Netherlands in 2004.

This event is part of Waag’s Chamber of Commons and made possible by the BankGiro Lottery Fund.