Gaming for the commons: online repository

Do you want to learn more about the commons? Serious gaming is a great way to do so! The outcome of our research in the Gaming for the commons project is here: check out the online serious games repository for getting familiar with the commons.
21 Apr 2020

Combining serious games and Design Thinking?

In this article, we analyse how water-related serious games can be described according to its application during each Design Thinking phase (discovery, definition, development and delivery).
31 Mar 2020

Demystifying the use of space, with Redesire

What factors come into play when designing a city or new urban development? Which parties are involved? Can we use games to illuminate the processes that lead to our city looking, feeling and sounding like it does?
25 Mar 2020

Urban commons re-emerge in Le Grand Jeu

Can we have in-depth discussions about our political and economic system by rolling the dice? Can we reclaim the city while playing? Is it possible to shape our utopias using colourful play-dough?
25 Mar 2020

Building caring cities: ‘welcome commoner’!

The Chamber of Commons made its first appearance at the Embassy of Health of the Dutch Design Week 2019. We explored new forms of cooperation to tackle healthcare challenges and had many passionate conversations.
22 Nov 2019

Join the Chamber of Commons on healthcare

Today’s healthcare challenges require more than ever new forms of cooperation and commons-based approaches. Do you have a cool initiative? Submit it before September 17 and we'll bring it to the Dutch Design Week 2019!
9 Oct 2019

Publication ‘A strategy for urban data’

What exactly are data commons? What kind of applications do they appear in? And who are the parties involved in the research and development of successful urban solutions?
1 Oct 2019

Urban games to explore and transform the city

In the third Common Play With Us event, we aimed to discover the potential of urban games to explore and transform the city.
1 Oct 2019

Gaming for the commons

Can games help us achieve a more social and collaborative society? In our new Common play with us series, we aim to learn all about games, and team up to develop new ones.
16 May 2019

Global Shifts in Land holding Practices (2)

Part 1 of this article discussed the status quo of the global landscape, and revealed two main lessons: First, ownership and use of land need to be seen as separate entities, independent of its market value.
14 Feb 2019

Report out: digital social innovation for sustainability

For the DSI4EU project, we researched large community of DSI projects that seek to tackle environmental issues using digital technologies.
31 Jan 2019

Chamber of Commons at Global Landscapes Forum

Exciting examples of sustainable landscape management occur when governments, private organisations and civil society organisations work together to establish and finance new courses of action. There is a great flurry of new arrangements observing to these ‘landscape commons’.
5 Dec 2018

Global shifts in land holding practices (1)

This discussion revisits the commons perspective on land ownership and use, with the community – for example in CSA, cooperatives, networks or land trusts – as a collective land holding construct offering reliable long-term solutions.
30 Nov 2018
Jan van Rheenen (second from the right) at a symposium dedicated to his retiral from Kadaster. Jan Spijkerboer is not in the picture.

Lines in the clay

Rising prices intensify the use of land, which in turn puts pressure on the soil and on the landscape. A conversation about new forms of land ownership with two senior officials of Kadaster, the Dutch land registrar.
28 Nov 2018

The slight unease of parleying with crayfish

From dusty droughts to pouring rains: our climate is changing, and we need to develop a different relationship with the natural commons. “Politics of Nature” is a method, a game with which a stronger democratic legitimacy can be created in which not only people, but also plants, animals and buildings can raise their voices.
27 Nov 2018

A better food supply chain with blockchain?

And if not blockchain, what other options could we imagine to restore trust and design participatory models in the food system?
22 Nov 2018