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Are you carrying out a healthcare project that promotes common values? You are welcome to join and ‘register’ at the Chamber of Commons! (Scroll down)

Today’s healthcare challenges require more than ever new forms of cooperation to promote the well-being of citizens. We can, for instance, make use of a far wider range of skills than only trained professionals. Similarly, updating healthcare for the twenty-first century requires the democratization of ‘governance’ of care structures (designing processes, decision-making, allocating resources). And it needs a closer relation with nature and the environment: the realm of restoration that has proven effects on our health and well-being.

The commons can be the shape that this healthcare transition takes. Commons can help us to establish new connections among different actors to promote positive health and identify unknown skills. Commons make us grow more conscious about elements like trust, shared responsibility and the possibility of ‘peer governance’.

Commons-based healthcare initiatives take into account the wealth of knowledge and skills held by citizens, patients and designers. They may create new relations between formal knowledge and people’s own solutions. They may develop imaginative devices or artefacts that bring people with different medical conditions closer to each other, understanding each other’s lives. Or they may take a resourceful, ecological look at creating a healthy, caring city. 

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Are you carrying out a healthcare project that promotes common values? You are welcome to join and ‘register’ at the Chamber of Commons!

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Register before October 17, 2019, and your projects will be exposed in the Embassy of Health of the Dutch Design Week (DDW). Projects will also be featured on this website (also those submitted after October 17).

In the DDW Embassy of Health, visitors will be able to connect with their peers and become part of the healthcare ecosystem. The ‘Chamber of Commons’ brings together healthcare projects and organizations that promote cooperation, co-responsibility and shared decisions. Participants will explore the healthcare transition through a commons perspective and will reflect on his/her role in this caring network.

Interested in explore healthcare projects that promote cooperation, co-responsibility and participation in the decision-making process? Have a look at the first inspiring cases. Your initiative can be among them!