Big Stage at GLF Bonn 2017
Big Stage at GLF Bonn 2017

Chamber of Commons at Global Landscapes Forum

The Chamber will host a Landscape Talk on the Big Stage of the Global Landscapes Forum 2018 in Bonn

Exciting examples of sustainable landscape management occur when governments, private organisations and civil society organisations work together to establish and finance new courses of action. There is a great flurry of new arrangements observing to these ‘landscape commons’. Similar to the Chamber of Commerce, we need more structural and vocal representation of these kind of financially viable, collaborative and (citizen) inclusive landscape projects.

Sustainable landscapes are essential for food security, health, livelihoods, business and trade opportunities, including renewable materials and energy. International agreements play a critical role for development, as well as for biodiversity conservation, climate mitigation and adaptation or water security.

Working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the New York Declaration on Forests and the Paris Agreement, the Global Landscapes Forum 2018 in Bonn aims to “reignite the flame” to accelerate and mobilize collective action on the ground. To that end, GLF 2018 will allow participants to share knowledge with policy makers and each other in the pursuit of new and green development pathways in landscapes.

The Chamber of Commons will host a Landscape Talk on the Big Stage. The Chamber of Commons is designed to represent the voices of communities and share the ideas and practices of successful collaborative projects such as in landscape restoration. “Landscapes Talk are all but ordinary academic lectures. With a length of only 7 min they offer an entertaining, inspiring and engaging way of sharing lessons with a broad audience on site and online. They target leading academics and experts, but are also a space for everybody with relevant knowledge on current landscape activities and initiatives.” The Talk will be professionally filmed, moderated, produced and broadcast online to a global audience of tens of thousands. 

Host: Socrates Schouten (Waag).