Concept (customisation)

Board game to guess words through association, using universal icons

Concept was designed in 2013 by Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujanot. The main goal of the game is to make players guess which is the object, character, or title that you picked. You try to give decisive clues by combining universal icons printed on a board. It is a fun way of revealing each others’ (and your own) conceptions of common words.

CUSTOMISATION – Could we also explain the concept of commons through the association of icons? Could it be a tool to disentangle this term? We propose appropriating the Concept game to help grasp the commons by using these universal icons. Some challenges: #public space, #self-management, #shared resource, #community.

Photo: Concept game official website

When to play

Play Concept when you want to better know each others’ views and ways of thinking. You could employ the game in a commons setting by first doing a silent round of coming up with words that you associate with the commons, and then try to let your fellow players guess the word (instead of the game’s selection of words and titles).

Commons-related features

  • Exchange views and informationThe game allows players to exchange ideas, information and world views while playing the game. 
  • TrainingThe game helps to confer some skill to the players (for example, guide them to build urban gardens).

Best contexts to play

  • Community participation activityThe game can be a tool to involve people in communitarian and participation activities.
  • Internal team discussionThe game can be used during an internal working meeting to further a team’s thoughts about a project related to different aspects of the commons.
  • Knowledge institution workshop or classThe game can be played in a university class or during a summer course to delve into different aspects of the commons. 


  • FunThe game provides entertainment, amusement or enjoyment.
  • ImmersiveThe game causes a deep mental involvement, a complete immersion of the mind.
  • Interactive/communalThe game incites a continuous exchange of information, ideas or experiences between the players. The game play is really ‘done together’. 

How to obtain

Concept is not a free-licensed game so if you are interested in it you will have to buy it. Alternatively, you can attend gaming events.

Check the website of the game