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Decision-making game to reflect on the social and ethical aspects of an organisation

ISSE Game (2016) is a partnership project funded through the Erasmus+ program. This decision-making game allows gamers to create an organisation to carry out projects regarding Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Through the game, players can reflect on the implementation of the SSE core values: Social responsibility, environmental responsibility, quality job and democracy and transparency. The game is not essentially focused on the commons but it can be useful for any cooperative that aims at reflecting on its internal management in a ludic way.

Image from the ISSE Game official website

When to play

Is your organisation truly ecologically responsible? Is it transparent enough? Play this game if you want to explore how your organisation or project can be more aligned to the Social and Solidarity Economy core values. The game can be used as an individual or collective reflection tool.

Commons-related features

  • Introduction to key conceptsThe game defines basic elements to understand some aspects of the commons (for example, the meaning of private, public and communal).
  • TrainingThe game helps to confer some skill to the players (for example, guide them to build urban gardens).
  • Reflect on resources managementThe game lets you experience the challenges of managing a resource.

Best contexts to play

  • Knowledge institution workshop or classThe game can be played in a university class or during a summer course to delve into different aspects of the commons. 
  • Internal team discussionThe game can be used during an internal working meeting to further a team’s thoughts about a project related to different aspects of the commons.


  • InformativeThe game conveys concrete knowledge about or insight into a real-world situation.
  • RealisticThe game play closely mimics or emulates real-world dynamics and contexts.
  • Interactive/communalThe game incites a continuous exchange of information, ideas or experiences between the players. The game play is really ‘done together’. 

How to obtain

You can play it online for free. 

Check the website of the game