Open access card game to facilitate informed social debates around complex issues

PlayDecide (developed as part of the EU-funded project Decide (2004-2007)) is a versatile, open source card game suited to explore a wide range of complex topics in an informal and informative way. Specially, those related to ethical issues in science and society. Its dynamics facilitate simple, respectful and fact-based group discussions. Players can pick from more than 350 already made games in 28 languages covering a variety of topical issues. Moreover, they can create their own games through the website.

Image from the PlayDecide game official website

When to play

Do you want to seriously yet playfully discuss abstract or complex issues with an ethical aspect? PlayDecide is a good option to introduce a topic, let participants create their own opinion and finally reach a consensus. We suggest to have a look at the multiple games listed on the website. No games available about your topic? You can easily co-create one with your colleagues or stakeholders, and share it with others.

Commons-related features

  • Introduction to key conceptsThe game defines basic elements to understand some aspects of the commons (for example, the meaning of private, public and communal).
  • Exchange views and informationThe game allows players to exchange ideas, information and world views while playing the game. 
  • Reach a consensusThe game helps participants to arrive at a decision each player can agree with.

Best contexts to play

  • Informed social debateThe game can be used to inform non-expert people about the commons and spark off a constructive debate on the topic.
  • Community participation activityThe game can be a tool to involve people in communitarian and participation activities.
  • Knowledge institution workshop or classThe game can be played in a university class or during a summer course to delve into different aspects of the commons. 


  • InformativeThe game conveys concrete knowledge about or insight into a real-world situation.
  • RealisticThe game play closely mimics or emulates real-world dynamics and contexts.
  • Interactive/communalThe game incites a continuous exchange of information, ideas or experiences between the players. The game play is really ‘done together’. 

How to obtain

You can freely download PlayDecide games or create your own ones through the PlayDecide platform.

Check the website of the game