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The Free Culture Game

Free licensed virtual game to reflect on the importance of understanding knowledge as a commons

The Free Culture Game (Molleindustria, 2008) is a ludic metaphor about the battle between free exchange of knowledge, ideas and art and the copyright. The main purpose of the game is to defend and grow common knowledge by promoting its circulation before it gets absorbed in the copyright system. The game provides a critical view of copyright and facilitates a discussion around the importance of understanding knowledge as commons.


When to play

The game is easy and fast. It can be a playful way to introduce why the free exchange of knowledge can enrich our society. After this playful introduction, you can discuss more in depth the consequences of limiting access to knowledge.

Commons-related features

  • Introduction to key conceptsThe game defines basic elements to understand some aspects of the commons (for example, the meaning of private, public and communal).
  • Broadcast a messageThe game disseminates a message linked to the commons (for example, the importance of participatory design of the city).

Best contexts to play

  • Knowledge institution workshop or classThe game can be played in a university class or during a summer course to delve into different aspects of the commons. 
  • Informed social debateThe game can be used to inform non-expert people about the commons and spark off a constructive debate on the topic.


  • FunThe game provides entertainment, amusement or enjoyment.
  • ExplorativeThe game lets you experience alternative worlds.
  • ImmersiveThe game causes a deep mental involvement, a complete immersion of the mind.

How to obtain

You can play it online for free.

Check the website of the game